Sometimes, it’s not just about the work itself

With the ever-increasing market competition and client expectations, the nature of jobs has changed drastically in the last three decades or so.

Employees are forced to work in a high-pressure environment where one mistake can put their jobs at risk. The only way to be able to survive in their careers is to maintain excellent performance. Sometimes, the urge to do this can put them under tremendous pressure, which eventually can cause job burnout.

No matter if you’re part of a multinational company or a present-day startup, this is something that must have faced in the past or are likely to face at some point in your career. If you want to get through this situation as a winner and maintain a top-notch performance, then make some immediate changes in your lifestyle and habits.

These adjustments might seem difficult at first, but if you stay committed you can easily turn yourself into an achiever and get through any high-pressure situation at the workplace comfortably.

Here are some of those tips that you can pay attention to and get desired outcomes.

1. Make Friends at the Workplace

If you look closely at your routine, you’ll realise that almost one-third of your day goes in various work-related tasks. Add travel time to it, and the number will even rise further.

You may not realise it now, but to get through this period without feeling stressed and anxious, you need friends who understand you, help you in achieving your goals, and support you when you’re feeling low.

Even though true friendships at the workplace don’t exist, you can still maintain friendly relations with everyone around you and make the most of this opportunity.

For this to happen, you need to pay heed to a couple of important points. The first is to separate yourself from workplace politics and gossips. These two can do more damage to your career and relationships than anything else. You might not stop them from happening, but you can definitely choose not to become a part of them.

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By maintaining a fair distance from such activities, you can avoid unnecessary controversies and be more productive.

The second thing is to be willing to support others whenever you can. Start with being approachable. Be respectful to your seniors, courteous to your fellow employees and kind to your juniors. Help them whenever they need (and it doesn’t put you under fire in any way) without expecting anything in return.

This might not bring you positive results immediately, but in the long run, your behavior won’t go unnoticed. Give it a shot, and you’ll know the difference.

2. Maintain a Routine

Most working professionals find themselves under tremendous pressure towards the month end because they have no fixed routine. Don’t make the same mistake if you want to be able to achieve desired outcomes at your workplace.

The first step in this regard is to reach the office on time. While coming late might seem cool, it will definitely hit your productivity in the worst possible way. The negative energy that will surround you right in the morning will keep troubling until you sign off for the day.

Don’t let it happen!

Come on time in the morning, do your work with 100% commitment throughout the day and leave on time in the evening so that you can balance your life and give proper attention to your family & friends as well.

Right before you are about to leave the office premise in the evening, make a to-do list for the next day so that you have a clear idea of what’s in store for tomorrow.

3. Sweat it Out

How on earth can people handle stress without their body being able to produce sufficient endorphins on a regular basis? It’s practically and theoretically impossible.

The easiest way to make your body produce endorphins is to work out.

When you lift weights, run on the treadmill or do any other activity which involves body movements, your brain releases certain chemicals that reduce stress and work as natural painkillers.

This is the reason why most business leaders managing billions of dollars worth of funds and portfolios are known for maintaining a physically active lifestyle. Since they live 24/7 under tremendous work pressure, regular work out helps them keep things in check and achieve great results.

It’s not just business leaders who like to spend time in the gym, but everyone who sets himself out to achieve massive success follows this routine.

All the sportspersons and athletes whom you admire like to spend hours in the gym so that their body and mind remain in perfect sync with each other. They don’t stop working out even when they’re down with an injury or not feeling on top of their game. Most athletes these days have started taking medical precautions to avoid injuries and maintain a good performance over time, but at no point, they consider quitting an option.

Workout is a part of their lifestyle as it prepares them mentally and physically to face larger-than-life challenges. You need to learn from them and make work out a part of your routine.

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Even if you hit the gym for a couple of hours for 4-5 days a week, it can get you amazing results and ensure that workplace stress doesn’t pull you down.

I had a word in this regard with Joy Smith, a good friend, and self-proclaimed health nut. According to her, “With the rising awareness in the medical field, cannabinoids could perhaps be used as a tool for balancing our mental tranquility and living comfortably in our physical bodies, simultaneously.”

She isn’t alone who advocates precautionary measures during regular workout sessions to give the body the strength it requires. Many other market leaders and healthcare professionals have backed this claim. They believe this step can help people achieve physical strength over time and unlock the doors to mental wellbeing in a hassle-free manner.

4. Have a Hobby

It’s one of the most ignored yet important points that can improve your workplace performance by a significant margin.

Many working professionals do their jobs and return homes with the only purpose to come back again the next day and repeat the same cycle. You can break this boring unending loop by having a hobby that you like as much as your job. It can be writing, drawing, collecting coins, designing or anything else for that matter.

The goal is to have something that you can look up to even when you have had a bad day at work. It will keep you motivated to make the other half your day productive by indulging into something that you genuinely love.

This is a tried-and-tested way to keep your mind productive and ensure that it doesn’t fall prey to negativity ever.

These are some of the crucial tips through which you can fix your career, cope with the high work pressure and maintain peak performance.

Is there any other tip that you think should be on this list? Please comment below and let us know.


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